Pair The Square Game

Pair The Square by Rascal Resources Ltd.
Pair The Square by Rascal Resources Ltd.

I’m a sucker for anything that encourages learning. I myself struggled at times during primary and secondary school. Learning never came easy to me but I wasn’t dumb either, I just had to try very hard to get good results. So since O came along it was always in the back of mind to encourage learning as soon as it was appropriate to. Like most households, we have the usual “learning” toy’s like building blocks, electronic activity centre, books, abacus, alphabet letters, pianos etc.

But there was one learning game that really caught my attention at my local Christmas market last December, that was Pair the Square by Rascal Resources. This game is primarily, a picture matching puzzle, but it’s aim is to expand your child’s speech and vocabulary. It also teaches turn taking skills as it can be played in a group. Level 1 teaches nouns and Level 2 focusses on verbs, it helps the child to build sentences and create stories.

I introduced the game to Olivia in January, just before her 2nd birthday and she was interested from the beginning, but at first her attention span didn’t last long. Within a week though, I noticed she understood the concept of having to match the pictures but she didn’t quite fit the tiles correctly on top, that came in the following weeks which showed that her fine-motor skills were developing.

Now, she says the word as she sees the picture and matches them up perfectly. It’s quite pleasing to watch and a very enjoyable game. I haven’t bought Level 2 yet, as we are still trying to master Level 1. We’ll get there in time.

Another great thing that attracted me to this game is that one of it’s two creators is from my home town of New Ross, so of course I had to try it out.

At Rascal Resources their mission statement is-

“We want to make children’s environments fun, engaging and educational! Work is children’s play and how they learn most effectively!

We want to bring products to the market that combine education with fun and colour to inspire children’s imaginations and increase their communication skills!”

For rainy day’s indoors or simply downtime from the TV, Pair The Square is a fun and educational game for all the family to get involved.






  Top Image : Rascal Resources Ltd

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