A modern take on the Rocking chair…

Eames Rar Rocker
Eames Rar Rocker

For me, furniture shopping is as exciting as clothes shopping. Finding that perfect piece for a room in your home is quite challenging though, especially when you’re on a budget. Having taken lots of inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram, I had an idea of what chair I wanted for Olivia’s bedroom. We began redecorating Olivia’s room from a nursery to a bedroom the year after she was born. My tastes in décor changed dramatically when she arrived and I really felt her personality didn’t match the room we had for her. So here we are into another year and I’ll be honest the room is still not completely finished, but I did find a chair!

While I was browsing through an Irish fashion magazine I came across a little ad for Zinzan.ie. One simple picture of a chair had me interested to see more. I had my fingers and toes crossed that I’d find something that we could afford and indeed I did. Zinzan offers a range of quirky, classic and modern pieces to suit individual tastes. They specialize in tables and chairs for the home and office and they’re a 100% Irish company, based in Dublin.

I quickly found the Rocker chair that I had taken numerous snapshots of from stylish nurseries across the globe. Little did I know I could get it right here in Ireland. It wasn’t long before I purchased it and had it delivered to us within a few day’s. A quick assembly of the chair and it fitted perfectly into the corner of O’s room. I love the simplicity of the design, it’s spoke style chrome coated legs on wooden rockers and the seat itself is a hard plastic (polypropelene).

The rocker has been in Olivia’s room a few months now but it’s only recently that she’s starting to show interest in sitting on it and having a gentle rock. I think it’s the perfect little addition to her room.



Here a few other statement chairs from Zinzan.ie that I personally love.

organic chair
Organic Chair

***I received a small discount on this chair but all opinions expressed are my own and not provided by Zinzan.ie***

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