Bringing your child to a playground is just something that comes naturally to every parent. It’s good stimulation for them and it’s a break from the house for everyone. Olivia loves going to the “pawk” , especially to play on the swings.

Our town park right here in New Ross is really lovely and it has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, but I feel alot more needs to be done regarding the usage of space and addition of equipment for children to enjoy. So if we’re out and about in another town or city and if we see a nice playground, we’ll stop at it, just for something different to do.

Recently we popped into The People’s Park in Waterford City. The park itself is huge and it’s a lovely place to just stroll around and admire the greenery. They also have a skatepark and a playground for older children but what drew us into the park was their wonderful toddler playground that’s jam-packed with stuff to play on and entertain the little ones.

One really good thing I noticed was that there’s very little ground space that wasn’t being used. In the centre of the playground there’s a variety of play-cars and climbing frames to play on within feet of one another. The ground itself is completely covered with rubber wetpour surface, which puts your mind at ease as cut knees and hands are pretty much avoided with it.

Olivia didn’t know where to look or what to play with at first. We (the adults) enjoyed it too! It was a crisp cold day, but O was kept warm with all the running around she was doing. We’ll definitely be paying it a visit more often. I’m now on a mission to discover other great playgrounds close to our home. My life is so exciting!











2 thoughts on “Parklife

  1. Hi Aileen
    Try the playground in kilmeaden village some day. It’s a small place but the beauty is that most times I’m there it’s typically quite quiet – rarely overcrowded which is nice. Not as many features as peoples park one of course. Plus there’s a cafe just across the carpark for a coffee after (or enjoy the takeaway coffee while the kids are playing). 🙂
    I agree the new Ross one is good but needs a little thought – the gate doesnt secure well enough for my liking, besides, there are some gaps in the fencing where a more adventurous toddler could crawl through and escape anyway If the guardians’ attention is diverted!


    1. Hi Sinead,

      Apologies for my very late reply! Thanks a lot for letting me know about the playground in Kilmeaden. It’s alway’s nice to have somewhere different to go, especially on a Sunday!
      In regards to New Ross town park, Olivia actually crawled through the opening of that fence! I was there with her but it happened so quickly I wasn’t fast enough, It took me about 5 seconds to realise I’d fit through aswell, as I was kind of panicking about running up to the gate and getting around to her in time (just in case she ran too far away)!
      So yes, it would really be lovely if the park was maintained a bit better wouldn’t it?!

      thanks again for your comment


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