The White Shirt


You may have noticed the simple white shirt has been creeping its way back onto the fashion scene lately. Gone are the day’s when they were only worn at the office! This time ladies, a white shirt is the ultimate style staple and it can be worn in so many way’s, you will NOT grow tired of it.

Paired with leather trousers, a mini skirt or ripped jeans would be top of my list.

It’s sexy, understated and cool. Who’d have thought a white shirt would be any of those words?!

Victoria Beckham, Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo have all nailed the white shirt trend, they make it look ok to go for dinner or to a bar wearing one. The key to it not looking like work-wear though, is how you style it.

Rolled up sleeves is one option, a statement neckpiece is another. Sometimes (only sometimes) standing the collar up makes it look chic. Tucking the front in to a pair of jeans and leaving the back hang out is cool too. There are so many options on how to wear it and lets not forget, there are so many styles out there to choose from – loose or fitted, short or long, there’s one for every day of the week if you love them that much!

And I know white is probably the least child-friendly colour there is, but I for one won’t be depriving myself of this little baby. I’m all over the white shirt this season, are you?

Here’s a pick of my favourite looks :

white shirt 7 white shirt 2 white shirt 1 white shirt 4 white shirt 6 white shirt 8 white shirt 3 white shirt 5white shirt 9

My own shirt (above) is by:

Bianca @ Town & Country Mercantile

Faux Leather Pants – Olsen

Shoes – Mango

Watch – Pulsar

( All other images – Pinterest )

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