Review – ClevaRinse Shampoo rinse cup


In our house, bath-time is one of Olivia’s favourite time of the day, if she’s cranky in the evening and nothing I do pleases her, all I have to say is, ‘lets go have a bath’ and just like that she’s back to her usual self and marching up the stairs to the bathroom.

So, up until this week we had used a simple plastic container to rinse her hair, nothing special at all, not even a jug like! I must say, she is quite good if water does get in her eyes, she doesn’t really mind at all, but obviously we try to avoid that as much as possible.

So that’s where the ClevaRinse by Clevamama comes in.

This jug has a soft flexible edge that sits on your child’s head while you pour the water. It’s designed to avoid getting water and shampoo in their eyes. The first night I attempted to use it though, Olivia noticed this new contraption and wasn’t too taken with it at all. She’s two years old now you see, so she’s quite particular and notices when something is different. So when she wouldn’t allow me put the jug near her head, I just let her play with it herself to get used to it, she preferred it as a toy that night.

The next evening we attempted it again and it went a bit better but she was still quite cautious of her new jug. The jug worked a treat though and is very easy to use. No water got into her eyes and I didn’t need to flex her head back as much as I did before.

For €7.49 from Smyths Toy Stores it’s well worth it. I can pretty much guarantee watery eye dramas will be avoided at bath-time with this jug, but my advice would be to start using it when your child is younger than two.

DSCN0713 (2)

DSCN0714 (2)

(For the purpose of this review I bathed O with the help of my dear mother while I took the pictures)

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