Our Santa visit to Wells House


This is our second Christmas with Olivia and I must admit we didn’t bring her to see Santa for her first Christmas last year, she was 10 months old and I thought what was the point? Imagine! But my mam actually brought her while I was at work but I have no photographic evidence of it happening.

So this year is the official year for that special visit to see the big man himself.

There was a huge choice when it came to booking our Santa visit, Winterval, New Ross, Rathwood, the list goes on.

During the Summer, I had heard so much about Wells House in Gorey, more notably for their fairy trail and more recently for their Santa visit, that I just had to book there, it seemed like a magical place.

So off we went on Monday with my mam and nephew in tow to see Santa for the first “official” time and of course, there had to be a sweet little outfit to mark the occasion.

I’d been looking at Cos for a while now but had never bought anything for either myself or Olivia and as per usual my first purchase was for O.

I really wanted a Christmassy look for her and I thought this dress with contrasting skirt (trapeze style) was just the thing! O even said ‘aw’ when I put it on her. The hairclips work perfectly with the dress, her metallic shoes are from my fav shop,  Zara. I opted for black tights with the look because Olivia wore a check cape from GAP over it, so the colours blended well.

It’s a great little look to pull out over the Christmas period.





When we arrived  at Wells House, there was such a pleasant sight that greeted us. Lots of reindeer with a sleigh all made from wood stood in front of the exquisite house, a great photo opportunity, and it already had me smiling with excitement!



Once we figured out where to go (reception is in the restaurant) there was a little group of craft shops that we came across first, in the outhouses of the main building. We’d see elves walking around the place every now and then, they were so friendly to us all, it was really sweet.

Further up the path, we could see about four Peacocks in the distance, this got Olivia walking as fast as she could to have a closer look. She wasn’t scared at all and I had to coax her to move away from them and thats when we found the giant chess board and a little area full of ducks and geese. There was something interesting lurking around every corner.



After a stint in the playground it was time to start the Santa tour at Mr’s Claus’s cottage where we met another friendly elf named Tinkle. Olivia was far from impressed at this stage, she was cold and tired, but somehow Tinkle worked her magic and she had O smiling in no time.

There we started to decorate our Christmas baubles and meet Mrs’ Claus herself, she showed us the “lists” and we had to make sure O and Freddie were on Santa’s Good List, phew, they were!

The cottage was so warm and cosy I didn’t want to leave…






After leaving the warmth of the cottage, we headed over to the main house where we had to knock and wait to enter. Sitting inside was Santa Claus in the grand room waiting on Olivia and Freddie.

Freddie went along first while O waited in the distance figuring it all out. I wasn’t sure whether she’d run and hide or stay and chat. Lucky for me, she did the latter.

Santa bent down and held out his arms and Olivia walked straight into them….





Apologies for the poor quality of some of the photos, the lighting just didn’t work in my favour, and you see, I asked Santa to bring me a proper camera so

Watch this space…

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