Outfit Post – Check Blanket Scarf


F&F at Tesco is fast becoming one of my fav go to shops for afforadable on-trend pieces that you’d never think you’d find while doing your grocery shopping!

Every now and then I find one or two pieces that ooze style and look top quality!

My favourite item this week is a check blanket scarf (€19.50) in a stunning colour mix of orangey red, blue and beige. It ain’t rocket science when it comes to styling a scarf, but aside from the predictable jeans and boots combo I’ve paired mine with items already in my wardrobe, which is obviously cost effective. I love buying something new to add to an old outfit. This scarf is definitely the standout piece of this look!

It’s a casual, cool look for Winter with the perfect injection of bright colours through the scarf and blouse.

Beige Jacket – Soaked In Luxury

Red Longline Blouse – F&F Tesco

Boyfriend Jeans – River Island

 Shoes – Penneys

And when you get tired of wearing it you can actually sit on it instead – hence the name blanket scarf! 🙂



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