Potty Training – She’s ready, We’re not!


Olivia crapped on the floor. I bet that wasn’t the opening line you were expecting, but it’s exactly what happened on Sunday night. But before I explain her animalistic tendencies, first, let me tell you what lead up to that moment.

Olivia has just turned 22 months old and potty training has been in the back of my mind for a few weeks now thanks to my regular emails from eumom updating me on what signs Olivia should be showing in her development. I love getting those emails, they’re a great little insight to whether your child is progressing normally, I don’t live by them but I feel it helps, some people may disagree with stuff like that but for a first timer like me, it’s nice to have a bit of data to read up on. Olivia has recently been showing quite alot of signs that she’s ready for potty training like,

~ Being very independent, especially when we’re out and about

~ Attempting to undress herself

~ Indicating to us that she’s either doing a wee or a poo in her nappy

~ Loves being praised for her accomplishments

So bells were ringing in my head that we had come to another stage in our little girls life. (Sigh)

Sunday evening was like any other Sunday evening – sofa, roaring fire and counting down the hours to seeing the finale of Love/Hate. Olivia was in her own world playing with her toys and I decided to undress her down to her vest and nappy, just to be more comfy because it was bedtime soon. So shortly after I did that, O beckoned me to take her nappy off too, which I thought was strange but I said (like any Irish mammy would) ‘ok, sure it’s nearly bedtime, I’ll let her get a bit of air’, but within three minutes she was squatting and grunting and yes you’ve guessed it she had pooped on the sitting room floor! To say I was flabergasted is an understatement, even the dogs were shocked! I grabbed the nearest thing to hand that resembled a potty (her top’n’tail bowl) but by that stage the deed was done. The look of sheer delight on her little face was priceless.

So a potty was bought and presented to Miss O where she began to cry immediately at the sight of it. These things take a bit of time to get used to I guess. She sat on it eventually though but nothing happened. At one stage she filled it up with leftover Halloween sweets, quite innovative I thought! I’m actually beginning to realise potty training your toddler is exactly like training a puppy where to pee , the concept is the same – getting them to pee in the same spot and praising them to the highest when it happens. There has been no wee or poo done in the potty to date, only on the floor again, just like a little puppy. We have a long (and messy road) ahead of us but it’s an exciting one!

Our temporary sweet holder.
Practise makes perfect...
Practise makes perfect…

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