Travelling with a Toddler – Part 2.

The 10% pessimist in me wants to start this post by telling you – don’t even dream about leaving the country with a child under the age of two, but I’m forever the optimist and that 90% of optimism really counts here! Life would be so boring if you didn’t have an adventure or two with your little one (even if they won’t have any memory of it) but for us, returning home from holiday was alot easier than actually going there.

Basically, we learned from our mistakes and didn’t stress quite as much as we (or should I say) I had done before.

So here’s a few more tips I’d like to share with you :

1. At the check-in desk we made sure to be boarded on the plane in Group 1 on all three flights as it’s alot easier to control a child in the seated area of the plane rather than in a queue full of people waiting to board (been there, done that, wasn’t pleasant!)

2. On our last and longest flight from New York, we were lucky enough to be sat in front of a nice young couple and the guy happily played peekaboo with Olivia numerous times, God bless him I say! So that, along with her colouring books, iPad, a few trips up and down the aisle, kept her busy until we reached Dublin. I’m not saying you’re going to meet a passenger that will play games with your child but there’s a few good hearts out there so you never know!

3. We lay off dosing her with calpol this time because we figured it may have played a part in making her sick on the journey over. We realised trying to make her calm with medicine wasn’t the best option afterall.

4. I couldn’t imagine doing that journey alone with Olivia, so if you have a choice, I highly recommend travelling with someone, as sharing the load is so much easier both physically and mentally.

5. The departure areas are huge and you’d think they’d have nothing that would interest a toddler, but they do indeed! One of Olivia’s favourite things was to go back and forth on the travelator. We took it in turns to bring her on it and she got a suprisingly lengthy amount of enjoyment before she was bored. Another thing , something so simple as looking out the windows onto the ground where the airplanes are parked – Olivia has been obsessed with them ever since, the enormity of the planes and seeing them taking off and landing just fascinated her and it was so sweet to watch her take it all in.

6. I probably don’t need to say this in 2014 but do take lots of photos! Capturing your child sitting on a plane for the first time or in exotic places is such a lovely memory for them to have when they grow up. I was snap happy on my hols so I’ll have plenty of pics to show Olivia when she’s older!

part 2

Sitting in her own seat…
Hooray for travelators!
Hooray for travelators!

I hope some of these tips help you on your travels. Feel free to read back on Part 1 to have it all fresh in your memory before you take off!



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