For the week that’s in it!

Next week is World Breast Feeding Week and for a woman that had such a disastrous breastfeeding experience very early on into motherhood, I have to say, I still find myself engrossed by this topic and it seems everyone else is too.

I was interviewed a few day’s ago for The Sunday Business Post (out Aug 10th) on my experience of breast and formula feeding Olivia. The journalist is covering stories from all angles – women that will only breastfeed, women that will only formula feed, doctors who declare that breast is best and then women like moi who did both ’cause it didn’t bloody work out!

Chatting to the journalist, I realised there is still quite a stigma towards mothers who decide to formula feed their babies. My reason for wanting to breast-feed was purely because it felt like the most natural thing to do, it wasn’t only for health reasons, I knew the benefits of breast-feeding but I’m not an utter health freak so that wasn’t my main reason. I wanted to have a full connection with Olivia and I felt breast-feeding her was going to give me that…but it wasn’t meant to be, so I had no choice but to formula feed her, I didn’t think it was bad thing to do at all, I was formula fed as a baby, so were my siblings and we’re healthy thank God.  So what’s with all this unrest? Even if I was still feeding her myself I would never ever look down on a mother who formula fed her baby, that’s just absurd.

Social status seems to have a huge part in this too. I’m a working class girl and the odds aren’t in my favour, you see, upper class mamas seem to be out doing us in the breast-feeding department. But there’ll alway’s be statistics with everything and all I know from living in a small town is that there is a wide range of women from all walks of life feeding their babies themselves, there is no looking down their nose at anyone from where I’m standing (I hope!)

We are all mothers at the end of the day and we all want the best for our children – If more women decide to breast-feed then that’s fantastic but I would never judge a mama who doesn’t, we all have our reasons.


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