Ikea and a toddler = Mayhem

The first time Olivia was in Ikea, she was tucked away nicely in my belly, I realise now, that it’s probably the best place for a child if you’re going there!

But before I realised that, I thought it’d be a great idea for the three of us to take a family trip to the stylish furniture store again last Sunday. Ikea promote that they’re a child friendly store with a playground outside and a play area inside, even their restaurant has free baby food with a purchase over €3.00. This is all very well if you live 5 minutes from Ikea, not a two hour drive away (my bad)

So the trip started off normal, Olivia napped in the car on the way up and when we arrived at the huge store she had a little walk around outside to stretch her legs. Then in the buggy she went and we hit the crowds of people looking for cheap furniture!

Q tantrum no. 1 – She wanted to walk around and play in the living room showrooms (I can’t blame her really, they’re so nice!) But when Mama & Dada are on a mission, we didn’t have time to stop and play house. So once we got that moment under control we continued on our way choosing the things we liked and dreaming of the things we couldn’t afford.

The best thing to keep a toddler occupied in a situation like this is to feed them their fav nibbly food ie bread roll – that should keep said toddler happy for like 15 minutes!

Q tantrum no.2 – Nappy changing time! Of course there was a short wait at the toilet and Olivia was running off in the direction she wasn’t supposed to and this is when both myself and my bf started to sweat simultaneously from the heat and pressure we were under. It’s funny to think back on now but it was stressful at the time.

We decided to stop at the restaurant for dinner and cool down, they’re was a queue of about 50 people in front of us so A and O sat down and watched an episode of Doc McStuffins while I waited patiently in line. The food is mediocre and cheap, the packed lunch for kids is a great option though- ham sandwich, yoghurt, piece of fruit, slice of cheese and juice for just €3.95, luckily I bought that as a back up for O as the pasta didn’t go down too well with her.

After that, we hit the market hall and flat pack collection spot (not without it’s drama though). You see I lost our list of furniture codes!!! So back through the whole building we had to go, we were like something out of an episode of Dale’s Supermarket Sweep. I wanted to cry, I really wanted to cry but what use was it? We just got the codes again and raced back through the building with only a few loud squeals from O.

We picked up the stuff we wanted, paid for it and got the hell out of there! O had another play in the playground and then we were back in the car with our two hour journey in front of us. My bf is never going back, I will though, I’ll just be child free!


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