Another day, another website.

It’s amazing the things you find out when you’re at the check-out of a supermarket! I’m constantly looking for new labels and new products that I can try out and then blog about for you guy’s, so I was delighted to have a chat with this particular girl at the checkout who also happens to be a new mama too, so of course we’re all baby talk when we see eachother!

The conversation started about milk and quickly went on to allergies because I just happend to mention that I noticed a bumpy rash on Olivia’s face and arms a few weeks ago. I really was baffled for a while as to what was causing it but I then narrowed it down to two food possiblities that may have been the culprit – Tinned spagetti or Cheese Strings! The latter was the newest food I had given her that week but I realise now it’s fake processed food so it was definitely a strong possibility, O was also eating spagetti for lunch a few day’s a week so I thought it may not be agreeing with her system either, so we took her off both of those and soon after it started to clear up.

Then one beautiful sunny day, I applied her sunscreen onto her body and a few hours later the rash was back! I was so suprised, the sunscreen was the cause after all my questioning (I even had my family involved in solving the mystery) I read up on the label on the bottle again, thinking it wasn’t suitable for children – it was factor 50, for a child but it wasn’t paraben free… and as you may know, parabens are quite controversial now (they’re used to preserve cosmetic products but have also been found in breast cancer research) So I’m blaming my un-natural sunscreen for Olivia’s rash and that’s why my conversation at the check-out matters!

The girl told me about a website called Little Acorns To Mighty Oaks (love the name!)  that sells “non toxic products for the family” and on there is a sunscreen called TruKid which is a completely natural, non chemical sunscreen with an active ingredient of non-nano Zinc Oxide. TruKid never uses chemicals, preservatives, synthetics, GMO’s or any of the other bad stuff that you read so much about.


I’m going mad with myself for not making sure I was putting the best product on my little girl, I’m definitely more aware of these ingredients now.

Before I found out about TruKid sunscreen, I had bought another tube of cream by La Roche Posay – Factor 50 Anthelios Dermo-Kids, A water resistant, non-perfumed, paraben free lotion that’s ideal for sensitive skin. I applied it yesterday and I haven’t noticed a rash yet, so my fingers are crossed!


So getting back to the website Little Acorns To Mighty Oaks – There’s a variety of stuff on there like – actual coconut bowls for feeding baby, wooden toy’s, amber beads, lunch boxes and so much more. Some of the stuff seems pricey but I guess all of this natural stuff is these day’s!

Anyway have a look for yourselves and don’t make the mistake I did with your precious child’s skin!

Aileen x

(TruKid Image ;

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