Ikea and a toddler = Mayhem

The first time Olivia was in Ikea, she was tucked away nicely in my belly, I realise now, that it’s probably the best place for a child if you’re going there! But before I realised that, I thought it’d be a great idea for the three of us to take a family trip to the stylish furniture store again […]

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A little Love on a wet morning!

This morning started out wet and miserable after a night of thunder and lightening, that myself and Olivia slept through thank God! So today’s outfit had to be a little more snug so I chose this look from Zara’s New A/W Collection, but it was quickly changed into a Summer dress come the afternoon because […]

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Another day, another website.

It’s amazing the things you find out when you’re at the check-out of a supermarket! I’m constantly looking for new labels and new products that I can try out and then blog about for you guy’s, so I was delighted to have a chat with this particular girl at the checkout who also happens to be a new mama too, so […]

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Boho babe part 2!

I’m a gypsy girl at heart, attracted to all things bohemian and eclectic. From household to fashion I just love the imperfectness of it all, the embroidery, the colours, it’s just so eye catching and unique. So this cute embroidered flowy top I bought for Olivia from Monsoon, was right up my street! It’s my […]

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