My 67th week as a mother…

Ready to pop!
Ready to pop!


First day home.
First day home.

week 68 3

67 weeks as a mother and last week was the first week Olivia’s two main babysitter’s went on holiday, so that propelled us (and especially me) into a tizzy, trying to organise people to mind her while we were at work. It made me realise how relatively easy I’d had it. You see I’m lucky enough to have my mother to look after her and I never reallly had to worry, even on my day’s off I could drop O up to her while I went to the gym and stuff…But last week was so different, I realised all those times I was on my own, it was a break, some “me” time. To say I was exhausted every night last week was an understatement, they were really full on day’s, with a toddler who rose between six & seven am and entertaining her while doing all my normal things during the day was bloody tiring!

So kudos to all the mothers and fathers who never have a break from caring for their kids, I’m a spoilt girl really!

You know I’m still processing actually being a mother – I look at our little girl and I think… ‘she actually came out of me’,  she’s now just about a 17 month old toddler and everyday is still a new experience with her. Like this morning for example, she was drinking her bottle and then started to play with her buggy and as if she’d done this before, Olivia just started to feed the teddy her bottle…It got me thinking are little girls just wired to do things like that in such a maternal way?

And with every new experience it makes me realise all the changes that have happened in myself and my boyfriends lives…Obviously our social life has changed dramatically, I personally don’t have the urge to go out like I used to but then when something comes up I enjoy it even more. Something as simple as dinner time in the evening has changed too, we sit down, but we never stay down for long! There is alway’s something Olivia needs, so it made me think about how much I enjoy eating out, just the two of us.I think all couples should do it at least once a month for the chance to savour every mouth full of delicious food and wine without interruption. Something so simple can really benefit our relationship  too.

Even my gym class attendance is sometimes non existant in a week, finding the time to suit your child is just really hard, I now believe all the women that have said that to me before, but I still don’t want to let myself go, so I’m on a mission this week to get back into it!

We’re parallel with eachother really, (parents and children) I’m teaching Olivia things and she’s teaching me so much. It’s pretty amazing seeing your child develop mentally and physically in front of your eyes. I find myself wanting her to show me something new that she has learned everyday. Like pointing to her feet when I say feet or saying a new word. That’s sure to brighten up anyones day. With all the difficult and exhausting times as a parent, the fun and love from your child far outweigh’s all of that.

Life pleasures are pretty simple really,  aren’t they?

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