Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is fast approaching and like all those other times of the year that involves giving a gift – It’s bloody hard to choose one that you know the person will like or even use, because these day’s I personally want to get my money’s worth! So I {the retail assistant}has picked some gift ideas for daddy’s (young and old) that I’m sure will inspire you and most of all impress him!

  • Bow Tie – These are huge right now and any fashion forward man will be wearing one this year.


  • Cologne – Most men love a spritz of something before leaving the house and one of my new fav fragrances for men is Lacoste L!ve, it’s for the sporty, care free spirit. Trust me it’s a fab scent! 


  •  Staying on the grooming section, more and more men are looking after their skin these days but not all men are brave enough to buy skincare themselves, so what better time to buy a good moisturiser for him than now?!?  “Total Revitilizer” by Shiseido is a luxurious cream for the skin &  it does exactly what it says – “maximises skin’s natural power to preserve it’s vitality”.


  • A voucher for Mondello Race Track to get his pulse racing!


  • Album – Coldplay/Ghost Stories everyone loves a bit of Coldplay right?


  • Now it wouldn’t be Father’s Day without your token personalised gifts & berryunique.co.uk have everything you could possibly want from mugs to photo frames & wall plaques. Delivery at this stage could be tricky though, better shop local so!



Happy shopping!

Images; berryunique.co.uk, motorracing.ie

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