My 67th week as a mother…

  67 weeks as a mother and last week was the first week Olivia’s two main babysitter’s went on holiday, so that propelled us (and especially me) into a tizzy, trying to organise people to mind her while we were at work. It made me realise how relatively easy I’d had it. You see I’m lucky enough to have […]

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is fast approaching and like all those other times of the year that involves giving a gift – It’s bloody hard to choose one that you know the person will like or even use, because these day’s I personally want to get my money’s worth! So I {the retail assistant}has picked some gift ideas […]

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Outfit Post – A Rainy Summer’s Day

We’re used to rainy Summer day’s in Ireland, but you still hope your kid gets to wear all the cute Summer bits you’ve bought! I started getting Olivia’s Summer wardrobe together a few weeks ago, it’s full of playsuits, shorts, tees and little dresses. But I’ve still got her jeans, leggings and cardigans at hand of course… And […]

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