Labour room playlist.

Yesterday I was listening to the radio and the DJ was having lots of fun coming up with a list of songs for women to play in the delivery room!

Most of the music they came up with though, were songs that had a heading or the odd line that suggested you’re having a baby i.e Salt n Pepa-Push it or strangely enough, someone suggested Jo Jo – Leave, Get Out which is about a bf that has cheated….

So it got me thinking about the run up to Olivia’s birth – I was constantly listening to music and was convinced my baby would recognise songs when she was born because I played them so much while pregnant. So I’d sorted out a playlist on my boyfriends phone to have while in the delivery room. I listened to music for a short time while I was waiting for the inducement to start working! But when the labour pains actually started, I didn’t nor did I want to listen to anything at that point. But it did relax me to a certain degree.

The music I chose was mellow with a nice beat, nothing too crazy. I was trying to stay focused! Here’s a few from my playlist that I think would be good for the mind!

Kate Bush – Running up that hill

Foxes – Youth

Desire – Under your spell

Alex Winston – Velvet Elvis

Enya- Caribbean Blue

Lana del ray- Video Games

Florence & the machine- Cosmic Love

The Clash – Daddy was a bank robber

Fun – We are young

Kings of Leon – Milk

Some of these songs really bring back memories of my pregnancy, it’s a great reminder of that time. I also listen to them when I’m ill, they help me to relax & fall asleep.

Aileen x

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