It’s not a dogs life anymore…

We have two lovely dogs (Boo & Poppy) living with us, they were part of our lives long before Olivia arrived on the scene. I know I treated one of them as my little baby for years, she was spoiled rotten and alway’s got her own way, even allowing her to sleep with me. Aaron also has a lovely little dog and when we moved in together the two of them were like our kids and they had all our love & attention…..

Oh how it’s changed!

These past few weeks, I have been feeling extremely guilty for the way I’ve been treating the two of them. Well mostly the way I treat my own dog Boo because she’s hyper and attention seeking, I just find myself shouting at her if she’s under my feet for example and I most certainly don’t have the time to pet her like I used to, they definitely don’t get walked daily like before either so their life has kind of turned upside down really!

Don’t get me wrong , they are well treated physically but as we all know, dogs are like humans and they crave the love and affection from their owner especially if they’ve received all that attention in the past.

But since O came along my time and patience is mostly with her and now i’ve found myself wanting to apologise to my two dogs for not treating them like before. I believe they sense this complete change in my character too which makes me feel worse.

During my pregnancy they meant everything to me and I worried how they would adjust to our new arrival and I remember it was a huge deal when we introduced O to them for the first time. But since O has become more mobile our floor space is pretty packed with a toddler and two dogs, so it can get hectic at times and that’s when I find myself shouting at my four legged friends. Bless them it’s so unfair!

So as I’m writing this, Boo is lying beside me snuggled up and I’ve made a promise to her that I won’t be the cranky owner that I seem to have become. I’ll try to have more patience with her, afterall she’s innocent and never really wanted a baby here in the first place!

So to Boo and Poppy, (not that you’ll be reading this)….I’m so sorry for not showing you all the love like before, you’ll be getting the old me back very soon! x

Poppy & Boo
Poppy & Boo

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