On my mind this week…..

This is probably one of my first blog posts I’ve done with a round up of a few topics I have on my mind.

After organising a trip away for my boyfriend’s birthday to watch his fav team play, I’m sitting here alone on the weekend of Mothering Sunday – listening to Haim, eating an Easter egg, only realising he won’t be around to help Olivia sort her mama out on Sunday! I didn’t think that one through did I?!

Anyway, I was feeling a little thrifty when I was at the supermarket during the week. I decided to buy a different range of nappies because they didn’t have my usual pack size of Pampers, so I bought a pack of Magics Premium, the pack size and price swayed me too (half the price) and I was curious to see would there be much of a difference. O has been wearing them since then and so far so good. There is an obvious difference in texture and softness, not that these ones are hard or anything but it lacks the quality because they’re alot cheaper.


But as far as I’m concerned these nappies are grand,  there’s been no leakage ever, even after a long nights sleep and her bum is as healthy as it should be, so it’s been a success. Although I can’t say I’m sold completely because I think I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to nappies, like – I’m sking myself, should I have the better quality brand for my baby? I guess I’ll know the answer to that when I go shopping again….

We’ve a very exciting day coming up next week, it’s my nephew’s communion, so I’ve been busy searching for outfits for my little family. In the past two weeks I’ve found some really exciting labels for Olivia, I actually want to keep them to myself for another little while until I buy some stuff for her. The style wasn’t right for this occasion though so I got a cute little dress and sandals from my old reliable Zara. A cotton/linen mix dress with blue hearts and woven tan sandals. I’m gonna pair it with a mustard cardi if I can find one in time! I would love the full collection from Zara – for boy’s and girls it really is just too divine to pass.



I have high expectations this coming week for Olivia – well we both have, we’re hoping she’ll be walking for my nephew’s communion. I’ve never wished her life away this past year but I’m just dying for her to start walking, the thought of her crawling around at the venue next week is making me nauseous! I never thought about it (germs) as much as I have lately, she’s nearly 14 months old, so I think it’s time now.

One of my lovely mammy friends kindly loaned us the walking frame activity centre to help bring her on. She’s so close to setting off on her own, so fingers crossed it’ll be soon.

I think the walking frame is so helpful, she’s going around the place pushing this thing, like I push her pram, you’d never know she’s not officially walking herself! I really think this is a must for a toddler to help them advance quicker. It’s fun and they’re learning at the same time.


This Sunday will be my 2nd Mother’s Day, I had  a tiny bundle of joy on the same day last year, so I’m really excited about the interaction I’ll have with O this time, not that she’ll know what’s going on either but it will be special for me…

It’s important to make a big deal of your mother if you’re blessed to still have her around and as a mother myself I want a big deal made of me and I’m not afraid to say it, it’s the one day in a whole year that we get recognised for the hard work we do to keep our kids happy and healthy all the time. So I hope my boyfriend that’s disappeared for the weekend has something up his sleeve for me!

My 1st Mothers Day with Oivia and my niece Sophie
My 1st Mothers Day with Oivia and my niece Sophie

I’m also looking forward to announcing the competition winner on Sunday morning over on my facebook page. That perfume is divine!

So to all the mothers out there, I hope you get spoiled rotten and enjoy the day because it’s back to normal on Monday!








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