A little bit of magic…


As you all know, Olivia turned 1 recently and she was inundated with beautiful gifts from our family and friends but…… There was one gift that got me completely excited and that was a teeny tiny fairy door from – The Irish Fairy Door Company! Now unless I’ve been living under a rock, yet again! (just like the fairies) I’d never even heard of this magical company before! They’re exactly what the name suggests! A little tiny fairy door to attach to your skirting board, wall, tree or wherever is suitable for your family. You then leave the key of the door beside it on the first night and the next morning, “if the key is gone”, then you know the fairy has moved in!

door 2

Like, who doesn’t want their child to have an imagination that knows no bounds? For me this is just too cute for words!

door 3

When I was growing up, imagination played a key part in everyone’s childhood experiences, as we weren’t surrounded with tons of toy’s and gadgets like our kids are these day’s. We played outdoors alot more, so of course we had to use our imagination! I actually was quite obsessed with fairies and have many memories of my grandparents farm, imagining fairies living in the grass or at the bottom of an old tree. I really believed I’d find one! So for me, to have this door to introduce to Olivia when she is older is just fantastic.

door 4

The concept behind the company is to bring a little magic into your home by getting the whole family involved in the process of registering your door online with them, naming your fairy and posting updates on what your fairy gets up to! It’s all about letting your imagination run wild and seeing the excitement on your childrens faces. Also, there are little add on pieces to make your fairy’s home more homely like a picket fence, door plaque, clothes line, stepping stones, fairy dust….

Oh I really want to meet the person that thought of this!

I named our fairy Rua and he moved in on Valentine’s Day! I think it’s ok for me to look after him until Olivia is old enough to understand fully! I’ll fill her in on everything then….  Rua will be ready and waiting for her.

door 5

So the question they ask is ‘Do you believe’?   I certainly do.

Find out more right here! http://theirishfairydoorcompany.com/


One thought on “A little bit of magic…

  1. Love the Irish Fairy Door Store! There doors are so unique, not like we get in Australia, and my friends kids are always drawn to ours…we have a few! Love reading the fary blog too 🙂


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