The scent of a mother…..

O is officially 11 months old today! I’m going to sound like a real mammy here and say ”where has the time gone’! I still class myself as a new mother, I guess I am in a way. Everyday is a new experience with your first baby.

These past few weeks have been tough in the sleep department! Olivia has been waking up in the middle of the night, standing in her cot and won’t settle back down until she is in our bed. I admit that while she was ill before Christmas she ended up in our bed because thats where she was most content and now she sees it as a routine. But in hindsight it was happening before she became ill so it’s all just mixed up now for some reason.

Last night when she woke, I found myself reverting back to a technique that my midwife taught me to use while I was breastfeeding.(she told me that keeping a piece of my clothing under her as she lay, kept my scent close to her and made her relax into sleep)

So here I was 11 months later in the middle of the night, whipping off my top at the first sound of Olivia crying – I lay her back down and snuggled my top by her side and hoped for the best!
It took a bit of persistance to get her to relax but I REALLY think it worked!

I probably should be waiting to write this post next week, after a few day’s of trying this method but I’ve just got this feeling that it was my smell that settled her back to sleep. I’ll definitely be trying it again tonight.

It was quite ironic afterwards because once she was asleep, I found myself lying there waiting for her to wake up rather than going back to sleep myself, but my mind was going overload because I was thinking about what the midwife told me, was probably working all these months later.

Lets hope it works from now on!

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