The Shower Hug. Does it actually work?


shower 2

If I’d known the “Shower Hug” existed when I was pregnant I would of definitely had to buy one! After I gave birth, the pain in my breasts is something I’ll never forget and having a shower was unbearable at times, when it was supposed to be enjoyable and rejuvenating!

Although. I haven’t seen these available in any store I’ve been to, they’re available to buy online (hopefully not only in the U.S though)!

“The Shower Hug is a therapeutic breast wrap designed to make showers a time of serenity and renewal for pregnant and breastfeeding mams who experience breast tenderness.

Worn while showering, the Shower Hug provides:

•gentle bust line support for heavy & engorged breasts (particularly important when breast milk first comes in and when weaning!!)
•a soft barrier between Mam’s delicate breast tissue and pelting shower streams”

If it gives some kind of relief then it is definitely a good buy for any mammy to be.

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