Team work.

Firstly, I’ve been absolutely rubbish lately with posting on the blog so apologies for that. It’s been a crazy few weeks and I was beginning to wonder if i’d bitten off more than I could chew?! But these crazy few weeks is what we call being a busy working mammy. So I guess the real world is more important than cyber-space. But here I am again, about to ramble on about what it’s like being a mother to a ten month old baby…..

The other night, the idea for this post came into my head after myself and my boyfriend had been awake for a couple of hours because O quite possibly had her worst night of restlessness on record. You see I was warned about this {teething} but thinking I was armed with all the remedies to curb the pain, in the end the realisation set in that the likes of teetha granules, sophie the giraffe, amber beads & calpol can only ease the pain, not stop it.

So, our patience, our energy and even our sanity has been tested of late and like most parents we both work so it brings me to the question –

Who gets to sleep and who doesn’t? Well in our case, the answer is we both stay awake.

In the beginning, the broken sleep was just normal, what you’d expect with a newborn I mean. So to be thrust into this 8 months later is an absolute killer. I really didn’t think it could feel so yock! And I couldn’t think of a better way to get through it, other than experiencing it with my bf, together as a couple.
We don’t want to sleep in seperate rooms, so we both wake up and deal with it together. I work part-time, but the nights that O is upset and we’re both working the next day it’s good to have another head/hand/word to get you through.

For me, the other night was a testament to our team work, when anything I did with O just wasn’t helping, my bf tried something else and it worked. The grainy delight on his face was fairly noticeable and we both lay back down and fell asleep together. For us doing it together is the right thing to do, sleep deprivation can make or break you, but it’s bonded us.

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