Hair today…gone tomorrow!

Before – The night my friend Aisling told me not to do it!



It’s fairly common that our looks change after we give birth, whether it’s our body or our facial features, in the first year of motherhood the majority of women don’t look like they used to before having a baby.
So statistically, it’s normal for women to want a makeover after months of looking after their newborn baby and not really doing much else for themselves.

So for me, where fashion, make-up and hair is part of my everyday life, I made a huge mistake two months ago by deciding to change my hairstyle.
I thought about it for a good few weeks before finally deciding to make the appointment. I even went to the bother of making a big deal about it to some of my friends, asking for their opinion and one of my friends who had first-hand experience of a disaster hair change after giving birth, told me “not to do it”! She made me howl laughing with her story!
But did I listen? No of course I didn’t. I asked for her opinion and I still did the opposite to what she told me. (I think there is a name for that) bordering on self obsessed I think it’s called? Where you bring up a topic about yourself and not taking on-board what you’ve been told. So why the hell ask for their opinion in the first place then?

So off I went to the salon with three images on my phone of the cut I wanted. I had long hair that was fairly unhealthy on the ends due to having balayage done so it definitely needed a cut, but no, I couldn’t stop there, I had to ask for a full fringe and to cut a long bob, oh and layers too! Why oh why did I ask for that? I sat there getting the works done thinking I was going to look fabulous at the end. My hair stylist did exactly what I asked for, it’s no one elses fault only my own.
I was in the bubble of wanting to change my appearance, but I should have went for a less drastic look. I don’t think there has been a day since that I haven’t regretted the whole thing. I was lucky enough that I styled it correctly on the morning of O’s christening but other than that, it’s been up in a bun more often than not.

So that brings me back to not looking like I did before having my baby. My face couldn’t handle this fringe anymore, even though I’ve had fringes cut in over the years, for some reason it’s just not working this time round. One of the big factors could be that I’m now 30 years old!

So my advice to new mammies out there is, if you’re wanting a new image, just really think about it before getting the chop or changing the colour.
Hair grows, I know, but just not quick enough in my case!

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