Sleep bags…

I’ve sold many “Sleep bags” in the past three years at work and they are without doubt very popular, but I couldn’t help wonder were they just a fad or were they actually good?! Well I can tell you now, they’re great!

You see, we have a little “kicker” beside us in the cot – Olivia’s legs are constantly tapping away even as shes falling asleep and I’m also beginning to think she’s doing acrobats when we’re downstairs because everytime we check on her she’s in a different position! So with all this kicking and maneuvering, our little woman is waking herself up because she’s kicked off her blankets and she’s cold, so hence the need for a sleep bag to keep her warm throughout the night.

Because we had such a great Summer and she was much smaller and less mobile during that time, it’s only the past week or so that I’ve decided to put her in a sleep bag and ever since she has slept right through the night – bar the odd grunt, looking for her soother….

I feel like a new woman in the mornings now because I’ve had a few nights of unbroken sleep. It really feels great!

There’s a fantastic selection of sleep bags on the market from The Gro Store find them here –
and from Mamas and Papas ” Dreampod” – they have a sale on some here too –
Keep in mind, the special tog weights for Summer & Winter (1.0 tog for Summer) and (2.5 tog for Autumn, Winter & Spring) but because our Winters have got colder, The Gro Store have produced a 3.5 tog bag just incase the temperatures drop alot more than normal.

This really was a fantastic invention and they’re completely safe. So here’s to many more nights of unbroken sleep for all of us!

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