First tooth, sterilizing and check-ups…..

It’s been a busy few weeks for me and i’ve officially become more disorganised and unreliable. Yep, I’m a mammy alright!
Between work, social events, training day’s and being a mother, it’s been extrememly hard to sit down and blog lately. I have a few topics to write over the next few day’s that I hope will keep you interested! So onto the topic in hand…

 Olivia has “cut” her first tooth. What is it about a tiny tooth? It’s just soo cute! It’s been growing for a few weeks but it’s only now that it’s substantial enough to announce it to you guy’s! It’s kind of like puberty but for babies, she’s growing up on us and the newborn baby look is completely gone now.
When I was told time goes by so fast when you have a baby, I didn’t take it literally, but boy were they right! Time is flying and all the milestones are coming as fast as I can say “her first birthday” it’s only a mere 4 months away! Alot will happen before then though, crawling, walking, a few little words maybe?….

So that brings me to my next thought, Olivia is nearly 8 months old and we’ve been questioning whether we should continue to sterilize her bottles seen as we don’t sterilize her food bowls etc. so I checked it out and it’s recommended that we keep sterilizing her bottles until she’s at least one year old, as bacteria can linger from the milk in nooks and crannies of the bottles. I didn’t realise there was so many nooks and crannies in a bottle! but however that answers our question, we’ll continue to sterilize her bottles until next February at least, it’s not that we didn’t want to, it’s just we thought we were feckin things up by not sterlizing all her things.

Then onto my next little worry, Olivia hasn’t had her 6 month developmental check from the p.h.n yet. I’ve asked around and we should receive a letter but so far we haven’t. I’m quite sure she’s healthy and growing well but it does put you at ease when you get the all clear from the professionals you know? I’m considering taking her this week without the letter just in case it got lost or forgotten, I’m a new mammmy, it’s ok to be neurotic sometimes surely?!

Finally my plans for this week is to style O and photograph her in different looks. I’m not your typical girly dresser therefore some looks will be tomboyish, so there will be something to suit everyones tastes. I hope you like!

2 thoughts on “First tooth, sterilizing and check-ups…..

  1. Hi Ails , doesn’t time go far to fast 😦 Before you know it Olivia will have a full pearly smile to greet you in the morning ! Just to let you that if your phn’s are anything like ours and I’m sure they are , they usually are about 3-4 months behind schedule . Amelia is 23 months on the 4 th and she is only going for her 18 month development check this Wednesday ! Hope your well xx


    1. Hey Allie, time does fly indeed! I think I just took it for granted that it would be on-time because they were on the ball in her earlier months. I expected a backlash from people today like ” oh my gosh, has she not had her checkup yet?, what kind of mother are you? haha But everyone has been very nice and giving me advice. Thanks a mill. Hope you’re all well in Kildare x


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