Highchair shopping – Exciting stuff!

We’re on the hunt for a highchair at the moment, I can’t believe were at this stage already! Keeping in mind our house is small, we need something neat and that can fold away easily.
So far in my search, the best designed chairs are by Spanish & Dutch companies they cost an absolute arm and leg but they are stunning! Mamas & Papas have cute and fun ones but they are huge. Ikea offer a cheaper version of sleek designed styles but I wonder are they safe enough?!

I haven’t been to many shops yet, so I’m not sure what’s on offer, online is just too handy!

But while i’m talking about baby furniture, I came across a site called The Pram Doctor – Its a Wexford based company that repair baby furniture and also sell 2nd hand. There are amazing bargains available for any of you that haven’t heard about this yet, you should check it out!

Here are a few of my fav highchairs…

Micuno Ovo
Micuno Ovo

Here’s a link to The Pram Doctor – http://www.thepramdoctor.ie/index.html

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