Seven months in…..

From this...
From this…
To This x
To This x
First of all, I hate to say it, but where the hell have the last seven months gone? I feel like I should have a newborn baby still!
As much as I love seeing O growing up, it’s just happening way too fast!
As the weeks go by, being a first time mother is very unpredictable, I’m learning so much and so far I’m not at a stage where I want to pull my hair out yet, I really don’t see any harm in enjoying motherhood so easily!

For all my mammy’s or mammy’s to be, there are some things you may relate to from the following…

– I’ve taken a massive liking to Liga. If O doesn’t finish it, she can be sure I will!

– O never had a musical mobile on her cot, is that really bad like?

– I’m using my old leather handbag as her baby bag, it fit the purpose perfectly so why not?

– I haven’t had a full nights sleep in months but I still want to do my hair & makeup properly and look nice the next morning – Is that going against the sisterhood? I don’t think so…

– I’ve been thinking alot about my labour pains recently and wondering to myself if the fear hadn’t taken over me, would I have got through it without an epidural? For the new mammies to be reading this, I think fear has alot to do with giving in more quickly, the pain is indescribable so rather than trying to get through it by myself, I took the pain relief without thinking, mind you my midwives were nearly pinning me down to get it into me! It’s just a thought I had, maybe with number two I’ll be less scared…

– I will never judge a parent who’s child has “black stuff” in between their fingers ever again! I used to think it was disgusting and thought they weren’t bathing their kids enough but now that I have my own it’s impossible to stop it from happening. Between drool, sweat and fluff from clothes, her little fingers get the “black stuff” too! Oops!

– I’m determined to get my pre-pregnancy body back, why do people expect mothers to be out of shape all the time? And yes it’s ok to be out of shape but were not freaks for wanting to have the body we had before… I say lets get rid of that stigma!

– And finally, don’t believe everything you read, your tits don’t always sag and your vagina can be tight, just like before 🙂

I’m looking forward to my 12 month update on being a new mother…lets see how my little family and I evolve from here x

2 thoughts on “Seven months in…..

  1. after having 3 kids i can most definitely say that fear is what keeps us from having drug free labour! breathing, if you can just breathe and relax through each contraction instead of panicking and block out everything that going on around you it can happen! try hypno birthing!


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