Simple & Handy Bath Seat

bath seat 3

Olivia got a lovely gift of a bath seat this week from her aunty Lorraine. Most babies love bath-time and Olivia is defintely one of them. I can’t believe we’re at the stage of her sitting up on her own in the bath now.

The seat is defintely a safety comfort for me, gone is the sponge we had and now our little’un is sitting up in her own seat! The one we have is from Mamas & Papas and it’s very spacious, I reckon she will fit in it for another year or so, which is great. But it’s kinda pricey to be honest, Mothercare have a few nice ones and ebay have ones cheap as chips so I would defintely shop around.

It’s great independence for Olivia though and also nice for us to sit back and play with her properly. She has loads of leg room too so she can splash away….

bath seat 2

Images – Mamas & Papas

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