Pregnancy Photos

The iconic photo of Demi
The iconic photo of Demi
Stunning body art!
Stunning body art!

Any of my expectant readers out there might be very interested in this!….

Have you considered getting semi-naked photos taken with your bump? It’s become very popular thanks to Demi Moore’s controversial naked pregnancy shots on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine back in 1991. From that momemt on she paved the way for other expectant mums showing them that it’s beautiful and creative to show our bodies in this way.

I had my photos taken by my friend at a local beach one very cold Sunday morning last October. They were lovely but now that I’ve done them I would rather be indoors for the next one! So at you most certainly will feel warm and pampered in their studios in Portobello, Dublin. Not only can you have your bump pictures taken but they can also draw beautiful body art on your body, it’s absolutely stunning.

Your partner can join you too for intimate shots or you can have stunning photos taken with your bundle of joy after it’s born. They cover everything here and it’s an all woman team so you don’t need to be shy about taking your clothes off.

I have them on my wishlist for future occasions…..

Images – Vanity Fair, Boudoir Dublin

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