Annabel Karmel – I love you!


With a rise in fussy eaters in young toddlers and children, I’m determined to open Olivia’s world or (mouth) to delicious food.
I felt I hit a brick wall around two weeks ago when Olivia started to gag when I fed her my homemade carrott and sweet potato. I went on to try her with plain old carrott and potato and again she gagged. I’m not a bad cook myself but crazy as it sounds, I found it difficult to think of recipes for Olivia. So I bought Annabel Karmel’s Baby & Toddler Recipe book on recommendation from a friend and I haven’t looked back.

I for one wouldn’t have thought to feed O avocado & banana for breakfast or salmon with carrots, tomatoes and grated cheese for dinner.
I salute this woman for opening my mind to feeding O exactly what I would feed myself so early on in her life. I’m sick of looking at “childrens menus” in restaurants, that the majority only offer chicken nuggets & chips or sausage & chips. No wonder kids are fussy eaters!

I sat in a beautiful Italian restaurant in Waterford yesterday evening and two young children sitting near us aged around 7 and 8 were tucking into a bowl of mussels and chorizo. Kudos to that mother, I thought she might be following Annabel Karmel too.

Annabel covers many areas – eating well during pregnancy, weaning, baby meal planner, family mealtime plans for working parents, feeding a poorly child and she also advises us on foods to avoid.
Her website is extensive and with 27 books published since 1991 this woman knows what she is talking about.

I had never heard about her before until my friend mentioned her name, it’s funny when your not a mother & as successful as Annabel is, things like this doesn’t come to our attention until we really need it.
I’m glad I found her and I’m glad Olivia will enjoy a delicious variety of food from now on.

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