Bathing with O…

Trying her best to hook a duck!
Trying her best to hook a duck!

I got a notion to have a bath with Olivia recently and it was such good fun. She was 6 months old last week but she can’t sit up on her own yet so with my help she sat in the bath with me and we had a some playtime together.
Her daddy was on hand, to help pass her into me and take her out of it too. Her little face was full of delight while we were sitting there, I imagined her thinking” what is mammy doing in here with me”?!
She played with her ducks properly too and even started to pick them up by herself, I was like this proud naked person acting really silly over something so simple!

I had my doubts about writing this post but since having the bath I’ve researched this topic and it’s actually very normal to bathe with your baby. I’m still in the learning stages of motherhood so I had my fears that there would be hygiene issues with a young baby, but not at all. It all goes back to baby massage and how skin on skin contact with your child is so important. I’m annoyingly interested in all that kind of stuff, so I’m glad I did it and it’s definitely not the last time.

So here are a few tips if your planning on doing it too : (hopefully i’m not the last to catch onto this lovely bonding time with my child)!

– If your alone bathing with your baby it’s handy to have a carseat or bouncer at the side of the bath, with the towel inside to place him/her into it before you get out.

– Have plenty of bath toys for your baby to play with

– I put O on my lap while washing her hair and body and it felt quite secure for both of us

– Turn your baby around at the end to have chest on chest contact before leaving the bath,even sing a little lullaby, this will really relax them before bedtime

– And remember, lots of splashing!

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