Battling the bulge!

In April, I wrote a blog post about going back to the gym because I couldn’t fit into some of my favourite pieces of clothing. It went well for a while, but my food intake hadn’t changed much so because of that I wasn’t really losing much weight and I lost all my motivation and didn’t attend class for a few weeks.
So recently, I became so unhappy with my body shape that I took the plunge and for the first time in my life I joined a weight loss consultancy service. I’m attending this privately each week and I found the idea of that alot easier to focus on rather than being in a group session, because personally, it will spur me on more to want to be down a few pounds each week or the consultant will be cross with me!

I had my first weigh in on Monday since I started the diet and I’ve lost 4lbs, I’m delighted with myself! I found it hard at times as I had temptation around me, once at the cinema and another night while out for dinner with family and friends, but I chose wisely and had popcorn and water at the cinema and a main course at dinner. I have a folder packed full of meal options, recipes and good advice, so it’s my own fault if I can’t do this right! I have to keep a food diary which is actually quite interesting to do, my consultant then reads it and she advises me on where I’m going wrong i.e eating too little or too much!

I definitely felt like my body got a shock in the first week because of the different choices I went for and not having my ususal sweet treat each day, but all in all I looked forward to my meal times and I now appreciate dinner-time more and savour each mouthful.

With this diet I’m back doing three gym classes per week. If i’m losing weight I’ve got to tone up or I’ll be as wobbly as a bowl of jelly! I’ve got it all worked out (literally) As i’m working three day’s a week, I’m doing my gym sessions on my day’s off so I don’t miss out on my evenings with O.

The reason I’m sharing that part is because some people find it hard to fit in gym classes or any form of exercise as their day’s can be full but with a realistic strategy, all of this is feasible.

So far it’s working out great for me so I hope my motivation keeps up and I get my shape back, all in time for O’s christening!

p.s I will upload my before and after photos in a few weeks so fingers crossed there will be a big difference!

For more info contact:
Lourde Connick
Weight Loss Consultant and Fitness Instructor
Block A @ Sean Connick Business Centre
Waterford Road Business Park
New Ross

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