In memory of Daniel Pelka

Daniel Pelka-R.I.P
Daniel Pelka-R.I.P

A criminal trial I had been following for the past few weeks came to a close today. Magdalena Luczak and Mariusz Krezolek, the mother and step-father of little Daniel Pelka were found guilty of his murder, and rightly so. After each trial day, I was shocked at what I read. These two people were pure evil.
Not only did the little four year old perish at the hands of those who were supposed to care for him, he suffered months of torture and starvation, that for me is incomprehensible.

It was reported that while he was at school, the other kids lunch boxes were locked away because he was stealing food from them and on other day’s he would come to school with two black eyes and bruising on his neck. I’d like to think that if I was a teacher and saw all this happening, I would make sure that this innocent child was in safe hands.
I’m sorry, but he was unbelievably let down by the authorities and his school. If his mother didn’t care enough for him, someone should have stepped in and made sure Daniel was safe from harm.

My heart is broke for this little boy. What must he have been thinking while he was being subjected to this cruelty? No child should have to suffer like that.
I hope he is at peace now but it shouldn’t have ended like this, he should have been saved.
I hope his mother and stepfather rot in hell.

(The full report is on Sky News)

4 thoughts on “In memory of Daniel Pelka

  1. The teaching staff could not be at his home to stop the torture, but they
    Sure as hell could have stopped the starvation, why did they not feed him ???
    They have a lot to answer for!!


    1. They do indeed! I know the teachers weren’t at his home but he did have bruises on his face and body that should have been questioned. People are not as nosy or concerned like they used to be, it’s a shame….


      1. Many years ago I too started school at 4 years old, apart from my parents my only other hero was my teacher. I can remember meeting her on the street on a Sa turday and feeling special. That wee boy left a house of horrors and had nobody to turn to. I come from a small town and understand that city life is different, you are right how could they ignore the bruises, they didn’t witness them, but they did see him eat from the rubbish bins!
        Why why why did some of the teaching staff not lift that child and run! They would have questions to answer but would have come out of it ok, and poor wee Daniel would be in a loving home today. His mother and partner were monsters but how could those adults he was trusted every day of his short life be so inhumane?


  2. Realise I should have said OTHER adults he was entrusted to, meaning teachers/social workers etc. I know we should not judge when we don’t know the entire story but after his mother/partner I can’t help but point my finger at his teacher, who knows maybe she did a lot more than we know about, hopefully!


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