I’m beach ready (finally) Are you?

So I hear the sunshine is coming back, when? I don’t know but it’s coming and this time I will be prepared for it!
Our fabulous heatwave recently saw us all trekking to the beach as much as we could! (I’m glad I caught a few ray’s before my maternity leave ended) But I soon realised how unprepared in the bikini and kaftan department I was!

My beachwear collection is quite boring, as my bikini’s are a tad bit small for me this year, I could have easily been arrested by the fashion police because of what I wore on the beach a few weeks ago! I wasn’t ready for this, like I would be for a holiday abroad but now that the good weather is due to come back I’m gonna make the most of it and invest in some fab beach cover-ups and swimwear.

I’ve realised the hard way that a bikini isn’t the most practical item to wear while holding and tending to my baby, so I have my eye on a retro 50’s style swimsuit that will still look stylish but I won’t have the embarrassment of a boob falling out in front of people!

And when I leave Olivia at home to hang out with the girls at the beach I’ll opt for a high waisted sporty style bikini as I’ll have that support in my tummy that I need and the sporty look will suit my style too, who knows I might persuade the girls to play some beach volleyball! Yeah right!

Polka Dot Retro Swimsuit
Polka Dot Retro Swimsuit
Sporty style high waisted bikini
Sporty high waisted bikini
Lace cold shoulder cover-up! Love this!
Lace cold shoulder cover-up! Love this!

Images – ASOS

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