The Royal baby……. and my own birth!

Anyone that’s interested in the Royal family would have been glued to the tv for the past few day’s awaiting news of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge – Catherine and Williams’ imminent arrival. Then after hours of waiting, it was announced Catherine had given birth to a baby boy or more officially a baby prince!

As they left the hospital yesterday evening all eyes were on the loving couple and their bundle of joy who we now know is named Prince George. Kate paid homage to Princess Diana by wearing a polka dot dress by designer Jenny Packham similar to the one Diana wore when she left hospital with Prince William 31 years ago. I just adored the fact that Catherine wore a fitted dress over her post baby bump, from my experience exposing your bump after having your baby is a little daunting, so kudos to her for not giving a damn!
I wore a loose jumper bought especially for my trip home, I didn’t want anyone seeing my bump, silly really now that I think of it…

So with all this baby mania going on I reckon, that like me, millions of women were reminiscing on their own birth stories, any excuse to go back there!
But today was a significant day for me, I met the midwife who helped me deliver Olivia. Now that really brought me back! I took a deep breath when I laid eyes on her as I tried to stop myself from blushing at the thought of her seeing me in my most vulnerable state.
I know the majority of womens’ midwives are an amazing source of strength through such a difficult, emotional time and I thank God for the two midwives I had because they truly were amazing. They made me feel like I was the only woman having a baby, it was that special. The midwife I met today was the one that got me through my fear and anxieties and I just couldn’t thank her enough, it was a bit overwhelming actually. It was so lovely to see her again and to show her photos and give her an update on Olivia.

If I had my time back again I would love to study midwifery. To me, pregnancy and birth is such a miracle and being part of that experience with a woman during the happy and sad times must be very rewarding and emotional too.

So to my midwives Mags and Linda, thank you again!

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