Facial for the scalp? Yes please!


A few weeks back, I wrote that I’d started the Nioxin treatment to make my hair fuller. I’m glad to say, I’ve definitely noticed a difference, the results are amazing and my hair is looking better than ever!

After beginning the home kit, I actually went into the salon to get the Dermabrasion treatment for the scalp, normally this would be done beforehand as you would benefit even quicker using the home kit, but I was about two weeks into it , so it was still ok.

The Nioxin Dermabrasion is a facial for the scalp. After the build up of dead hair, skin and sebum, through an exfoliation method, it unclogs the hair follicles to prepare the scalp for new hair growth.

I was so relaxed having it done because the hair stylist had to massage a couple of products onto my scalp, it felt really good. After being left under the heat for ten minutes, it was washed out and I had a blow dry.
I can honestly say it’s the best blow dry I ever had, my head felt so light as if I had no hair, my scalp felt cool and refreshed and seemingly that’s the description many people have used. I normally wash my hair everyday or sometimes every other day, but it was the third day after my treatment that I needed to wash it, I was delighted with that!

Before using Nioxin my hair felt very thin and damaged, I hated that because I alway’s had healthy hair, but after my pregnancy and years of using the ghd & hair dryer my poor hair suffered in the end. But now since using Nixoin my hair is looking fuller, the texture is smoother and it sounds sad, but overall I feel womanly again. Healthy hair is a big deal for me and I’m glad to say I have it. I definitely recommend this affordable treatment.

For more info and the full Nioxin range & in-salon treatments are available at –
Anna Furlong’s Hair Salon
South Street
New Ross

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