Business as usual!

I like to practice what I preach....
I like to practice what I preach….

Two day’s down and it’s like I was never gone. Walking to work on my first morning back, I met the street sweeper machine that I alway’s met on the way down, that was a good sign I was on-time! Arriving at the door, I didn’t see any red carpet or balloons for my return, no, it was just a normal day. Pregnancy over, it’s back to the grind for me!
I was going around the place like a headless chicken for the first hour but after a while it was like I was alway’s there. Customer after customer the hours past and after checking up on my lovely Olivia, i was quite happy being back doing what I do best.
After my second day, I did start to think, actually yeah this is a big deal, (going back to work). It’s not until you have a baby and are on maternity leave that you begin to understand the emotional and physical side to being a working mum and I’m only in week one!
Lets hope the coming weeks will be nice and enjoyable and when I go to collect Olivia, I hope she’ll greet me with open arms because that’s what makes it all worthwhile.

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