Review of Baby Massage

She didn't alway's enjoy it!
She didn’t alway’s enjoy it!

Today was the last day of baby massage and I couldn’t wait to write about our whole experience. Obviously I’m speaking for both of us here but I can tell how much Olivia enjoyed it by her expressions and patience. As it coincided with nap time, she did sleep through some of each class like the other four babies that were there too. I actually only got to see one little boy properly for the first time today as he was very young and just slept the whole time, his mam got to practice on a doll, as did I, while Olivia was sleeping.

Class started at 10am and we met and chatted over tea and biscuits (no sign of a scone as was first stated)!for half an hour, that was an interesting part for me because two of the mammy’s were on their second and third baby and I could see from them and especially from the mother with three children how relaxed she was around her newborn. I definitely believe it now when people say were not as fussed about the little things after our first child. I just realised it’s ok to be a bit more relaxed and some of the stuff I’ve been doing may not be by the book, but it’s ok.

Once we made our way up to the relaxation room we sat in a semi circle and individually introduced ourselves and our babies to eachother and explained why we decided to come to baby massage classes. My reason was, to bond even more with Olivia and to show her the enjoyment of massage, I absolutely love it, so I wanted Olivia to benefit from it too.

Our lovely instructor Germaine slowly showed us the first few movements and strokes using the oil that was given to us. Before I touched Olivia, I had to rub my hands together in front of her and ask her for permission to start, I didn’t get a yes or no answer! but I guessed she wouldn’t mind, so I began on her legs and feet and to this day that area is her favourite part to be massaged. There are eleven movements for the legs and feet, followed by six for the stomach, eight for the hands and arms, five movements for the back and six for the face. Each week we worked on certain areas and did a run through of what we did the previous week before starting on a new area.

Each area is beneficial in certain way’s
•Circulatory and digestive systems
•Hormonal and immune systems
•Coordination and balance
•Learning and concentration
•Muscular development and growth
•Mind and body awareness

Everytime we repeated the areas with Germaine it slowly became embedded in my brain on how to do it correctly, I’m not perfect at all, but I know what I’m doing! When I’m at home with Olivia, I normally did the massage after her bath which is right before bedtime but I realised after a while this wasn’t the best time because she was cranky and just wanted to sleep after about ten minutes. So now I’ve chosen early afternoon after her nap, where she is alot calmer and more willing to work with me!

Once class was finished at 12 O’ Clock, we were taught a beautiful lullaby to sing while we’re dressing our baby and I just love it so much. Olivia recognises it now because I sing it to her all the time.
It’s an African Lullaby called, Bengali Lullaby……
A – mi to – ma – ke ba – lo – ba – shi ba-by, which translates to (I love you my dear baby) It’s beautiful.

Another pro of baby massage, as pointed out by another mammy was having to wake up at a certain time and get myself organised and out the door by 10am which is no mean feat with a baby. It’s prepared me for when I go back to work and for me, that alway’s seemed like it was going to be stressful but it’s all about organisation and once I have that, then I’m on a roll.

So would I recommend baby massage? Hell yeah, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but for me it was a sweet and pleasureable experience, seeing how calm Olivia is while her mammy is mauling her!
As today was the last day, some photos were taken of the babies altogether, they’re just too cute! Here’s a little peek…..
My little woman x My little woman x
The little gang... another little boy called Cillian was asleep in his pram... The little gang, Alice-May, Evan, Conor and Olivia, another little boy called Cillian was asleep in his pram…
Olivia enjoying some baby company! Olivia enjoying some baby company!

p.s Thanks to the mammy’s for allowing me to use these pictures of their darling babies!
For more info on Baby Massage contact Solas Croi Spa, New Ross Co. Wexford 051-447333 or

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