Playing on my mind…….

It’s taken me a while to gather my thoughts on this blog post, so here it goes…

At 29 years old I felt very ready for motherhood and I was extremely happy when I became pregnant. Now, a week hasn’t passed since having Olivia that I haven’t thought about teenage mothers and wondering how they’re coping with being mothers themselves.

I understand this can be a touchy subject and I am writing this with the best of intentions, I take my hat off to these young girls because this is not easy and i’m 30 now and loving my new role but it’s very, very hard. I’ve had close relations with people who were teenage parents and i’ve seen the struggle they went through and know of others not so close to me and their families have been a fantastic support network but unfortunately that’s not alway’s the case.

I’ve travelled to many countries and enjoyed my teens and twenties so much, I wasn’t held back from doing anything I wanted because it was just me, so I can’t imagine what it would have been like to have a baby back then. I was so immature and without a shadow of a doubt my mother would have raised the baby the majority of the time. I’ve heard stories of teenage girls saying they would love to have a baby, I just think it’s crazy that they think a baby is a nice accessory, they really don’t see the constant hard work involved and financially, the endless list of things needed for the baby. It’s forever, and having a baby in your twenties or thirties is time enough. Crisis pregnancies happen everyday but if a teenager plans it they can’t be thinking straight surely? There is an amazing world out there waiting to be explored and there are lists of career opportunities and plenty of fun nights to be had with friends and family. What 16/17 year old would choose staying at home to look after a baby over being out socialising with friends?

It’s easy to say all young men and women should carry a condom. But it really is so easy these day’s to buy them and alot less of a taboo now! And girls, if you’re not on the pill, do not let a guy near you without protection, apart from protecting yourself against an STD, a baby is for life and for a moment of passion and (hopefully) a pleasurable experience, having a baby so young is tough and (sometimes) it’s not fair on the baby.

When I was with my first love I was young and naive and there were times I remember thinking ‘ooh I’d love to have a baby with him’, (well thank God that didn’t happen!), our girly emotions run wild and sometimes we lose the run of ourselves, it’s in our nature to, but if we all stopped and thought about the consequences I think statistics would be different. I’m not qualified to quote on anything but as a woman I just felt the need to give my opinion and after remarks my 14 year old niece has made in the last few weeks while minding Olivia (she found it very difficult) I just feel every girl deserves the right to enjoy life to the full without the worry of a baby on their shoulders and lets face it, at that age it normally is the girl left with the mammoth task of parenthood on her own.

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