Only the best for our breasts!

It's all about support...
It’s all about support…

I might as well put my bra fitting experience to good use here! Finding the right fitting bra is crucial to how our body shape looks and overall how we look in our clothes. Some women wear bras too small for them, others wear bras too big. I’ve had some women come into me that are still wearing their maternity bras a year or more after giving birth, (and no they weren’t breastfeeding)! Unfortunately, there is another common body malfunction after we give birth and it’s the one we don’t really want to happen us but sometimes it does and that is sagging boobs. To help our boobs get back a little gravity apart from some exercise routines that help we need to hike them up in a good bra to where they are supposed to be and gain some self worth. I’m sorry, but there is nothing worse than seeing a woman with boobs down around her belly!

Just like trying to find the perfect pair of jeans, finding the right fit bra is probably harder. I have trained with Triumph International but I have experience in fitting and selling brands like Fantasie, Elomi and Freya and if I fit a woman in Triumph, 90% of the time that is the brand that will only work for her and the same with Fantasie, I have a seperate customer base for that brand. Wearing cheaper brands is completely fine but sometimes they only work for women with smaller breasts. In my opinion having a few cheapies and a few higher priced ones in our drawers is a good idea.

Before you get fitted, it’s good to have an idea of what kind of bra your looking for, day-wear, going out, strapless or a sports bra. Getting measured is free in any store that I know of and following your fitting you should try at least 5 bras to see what shape works for you, whether it is Balcony, Full Cup, Push Up, Side Support etc. the bra fitter would have a good idea but sometimes our guesses can be wrong until we actually fit a bra on that person. Also, once you get measured in one store the chances are you will measure differently in another store that sell other brands and that is quite normal, because every brand and bra style is so different when it comes to sizing.

Choosing what colour and fabric you want is the next decision, the basic colours are black, nude and white (we should all have one of each in our possession) and choosing fabric would be lace or a smooth finish, then you have the fashion bras which are normally multi colour or a printed design. Fashion bras are so nice to buy but not always practical but if your wearing a top or dress that isn’t see through then why not have a fabulous fancy bra underneath? Adding a matching brief is the icing on the cake for me, personally, i feel really good about myself when i have a decent set on.

Thats the bottom line really, feeling really good about ourselves. Happy shopping ladies!

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