Story time

If like me, any of you mammy’s reading this couldn’t escape signing up to a mother & baby website. Aaron and I were given the info at our “checking in” appointment, we were so on the ball to do everything by the book that we signed up in the waiting room straight away. It’s a way to follow your pregnancy week by week and then the baby’s progress once it’s born. So when I was reading the website last week it stated at what stage to start reading to your baby – 4 months is seemingly the norm. I started reading to Olivia 3 weeks ago and the reaction I got when I opened the page was unreal. She was mesmerised by the colours and the pictures and she kept looking back and forth at me and the book listening to my voice and looking at the pages. The feeling I got from it was pure satisfaction that I knew she thought this was brilliant! Now every evening before bathtime I read to her, I think she’s beginning to realise the routine too….

It’s never too early to start reading to your baby, it’s obvious that this can only enhance our childrens development in vocabulary, stimulates imagination and overall helps with their speech. I liked reading as a child and a teenager but I didn’t read many books so I’m determined to read stories to Olivia all the time, this will give her a good start in school and it shows that reading is important and very enjoyable!

The first day I read to Olivia...
The first day I read to Olivia…

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