Sleepy time is kind of stressful!

Sleeping beauty...
Sleeping beauty…

As a couple, my partner and I are quiet people by nature and our house is a calm place to live, so it’s no suprise that Olivia has been a placid baby since the day she was born. So lately she has began to show her own little personality and it’s so beautiful and fun, she really cracks us up sometimes! To my disliking one of my sisters has nicknamed her “messer” but she says she will stop 🙂

So when it comes to nap time our sweet Olivia’s personality really shines and it’s all very dramatic in the Deegan/O’ Neill household. Olivia gets so agitated and I do realise that sometimes it’s because she is so tired, but she has her eyes closed and she still fights it, it amazes me! I try everything to soothe her, I give her my fingers (she likes to play with them) my face to touch, jeez, i’d give her my foot if she wanted it! I put her muslin cloth as close to her as possible without trying to suffocate her! I’d try anything in these crazy few moments!

So after 5-10 minutes our little drama queen has fallen asleep and has left her mammy stressed, but i come around quick to enjoy a hot cuppa and a biscuit. Whats with all the fuss Olivia?

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