Next time I will think twice….

Today I am feeling incredibly guilty for leaving Olivia to spend the weekend in London as a birthday treat with my partner. When we booked the flights etc. I was excited and never really thought about how I would feel when the time came to leave her. I arranged for her to be looked after by my parents and when we took her to my home place Thursday evening I was so upset, it hit me that I was leaving the country without my baby and it hurt like hell. But I couldn’t really cancel (or maybe I could of but I didn’t) and as much as we had a lovely time over there I couldn’t wait to get home to her.
I feel like such a selfish mother for not taking her with us but as they say ” You live & learn” and it will be a very long time before we go anywhere without her again.
Maybe none of you new mothers reading this would ever dream of going anywhere without your baby/ies, but if you do, just take it from me you might want to take them with you instead, to avoid feeling like your missing your left arm.

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