Olivia’s first spoonfeed

This entry will probably only interest new mothers or pregnant first time mothers as I’m just sharing what it was like to feed Olivia for the first time by spoon. I remember the day that I decided to bottlefeed Olivia and I felt overwhelmed at the thought of having to sterilizie all of them, I thought it was all too much and I wouldn’t be able for it, because I only had breastfeeding on the brain, I hadn’t allowed myself to think about bottlefeeding.

I laugh now because it’s like second nature, but here I am again and the last week I have been thinking about Olivia’s spoonfeed and I was feeling overwhelmed again…Purely because I’m making her food fresh and I need to get used to the preparation part. So with booklet in hand and tips from my “mammy” friends I started preparing her food yesterday.

I chose carrott and sweet potato so I cooked, blended and put them in the new ice cube tray and froze it all. My plan was to feed her once her daddy came home from work but she was just too tired at that time of the evening so unfortunately for him he couldn’t be here in the flesh to see it so I recorded her special moment today.

I decided I would feed her banana instead for this week and keep what I made yesterday for next week, i just felt it was a bit lighter for her first few feeds. It went so well and I gave her a few spoons rather than the 1-2 recommended, purely because the spoon is tiny and she liked it, you will know whether to continue or not anyway so it’s really down to all your babies individually.

In my opinion the jars of food are handy but if you buy fresh fruit and veg for yourself you might as well prepare the same for your child, you know exactly whats in it then and it works out cheaper. Here are a few photos…..

Carrott & Sweet Potato - Before
Carrott & Sweet Potato – Before
After - Ready for the freezer
After – Ready for the freezer
And in the mouth it goes :-) happy day's!
And in the mouth it goes 🙂 happy day’s!

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