Only the best for our breasts!

I might as well put my bra fitting experience to good use here! Finding the right fitting bra is crucial to how our body shape looks and overall how we look in our clothes. Some women wear bras too small for them, others wear bras too big. I’ve had some women come into me that are still […]

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Shopping in the sales….

When I shop for myself in the sales, I tend to look for timeless pieces that I’ll wear for more than one season because then it really is a bargain! I’m sure thats the way for most people too. In my opinion the same thought applies when shopping for our kids, I have already bought some pieces that won’t fit Olivia […]

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Story time

If like me, any of you mammy’s reading this couldn’t escape signing up to a mother & baby website. Aaron and I were given the info at our “checking in” appointment, we were so on the ball to do everything by the book that we signed up in the waiting room straight away. It’s a way to follow your […]

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Next time I will think twice….

Today I am feeling incredibly guilty for leaving Olivia to spend the weekend in London as a birthday treat with my partner. When we booked the flights etc. I was excited and never really thought about how I would feel when the time came to leave her. I arranged for her to be looked after by my parents […]

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Olivia’s first spoonfeed

This entry will probably only interest new mothers or pregnant first time mothers as I’m just sharing what it was like to feed Olivia for the first time by spoon. I remember the day that I decided to bottlefeed Olivia and I felt overwhelmed at the thought of having to sterilizie all of them, I thought it was […]

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