HD Brows

My new brows....
My new brows….

I’ve gone from having “yard brushes” as a young girl, to the awful stage when my friend decided to hack my eyebrows away during Summer exams at school! Not a good look at all! So for fifteen years I have been tweezing and waxing away my eyebrows with no real nice shape that suited my face properly and in the last two years I have been steadily growing my eyebrows to suit my big eyes and i might as well face it, big head…

So recently I have been inundated with flyers and media attention on HD Brows and when my personal beauty salon started doing them I jumped right in without hesitation. With the likes of Megan Fox and Nicole Scherzinger gracing their booklet, who doesn’t want to try get a brow as nice as those lovely ladies?

The HD Brow “is a treatment that defines your natural beauty in a unique and revolutionary seven step procedure”

The therapist advised that it would take up to one hour but I was finished in 40 minutes. It involves tinting, waxing, tweezing, threading and before most of that measuring the brow shape to suit your face, it was so relaxing too by the way! There are a few other steps involved in this amazing treatment but thats as much as I know…..Whether you have lots of hair already or not that much at all you will be advised on a plan for regrowth etc and within a few months you should have the brow you have alway’s wanted. I know I do now!

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