The Bumbo Floor Seat

The Bumbo Floor Seat
The Bumbo Floor Seat

Have I been living under a rock? Up until a few weeks ago I hadn’t heard of the Bumbo Floor Seat, I hope i’m not the only one! I’ve just borrowed one from a friend for Olivia to try out and see if she likes it and my verdict is, she does!

It’s so cute and small, and to see my nearly 4 month old daughter sitting up in a chair is just too cute for words. The Bumbo Floor Seat was designed to seat young babies who can’t sit up by themselves yet but as soon as your baby can support their own head you can seat them in it.

It’s quite a clever design enabling our babies to sit up with good posture, to interact better and encourage play using their hands in front of them. It comes with a warning that were not supposed to use it on higher ground but i have put her sitting on our kitchen table while her daddy eats his dinner so they can spend some time together because he’s been working all day. Shes at his eye level and she’s alot more content there. At my own discretion i’ve done this because she has been supervised.

There is a tray you can attach to put her toy’s on too or if your at the spoon feed stage it’s handy for their little bowl etc. everything about it is so tiny and cute. It’s great when I sit on the floor with her and we have a bit of one on one time singing lullabies. It’s a whole new thing for her to experience and her little face says it all.

Daddy Time....
Daddy Time….
With the tray attached...
With the tray attached…

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