Making new friends during pregnancy

Making friends with other pregnant women was something i hadn’t thought about during the early days’ of my pregnancy. But as the weeks passed it was a gradual progression with 3 local women i had already known but wasn’t very close to. Most of my group of friends have kids also but it’s that special bond you make with someone experiencing pregnancy at the same time as you that really opens up your world to all sorts of classes (yoga, swimmming, antenatal) plenty of conversations and not to mention delicious lunches! It just so happened that we were all first time mothers too which made it extra special, we were at different stages of our pregnancies so i got helpful tips from L & D and shared my own with K who was 6 weeks behind me but in the end she nearly went before me 🙂

Researching this topic i came across more “loss of friendships” than gaining ones and i’m happy to say that i didn’t lose any of my dear friends while i was pregnant, i couldn’t imagine that happening, i found it quite depressing to read actually. Pregnancy is such a special time and we need all the friends and support we can get.

I now realise that chatting non stop about babies to someone that isn’t pregnant can be so boring, so it’s pivotal to meet women in the same situation, where we can talk til our hearts content.

Now that our bumps are babies (all girls too), we have continued our friendship and we meet up regularly, be it for a walk or a cuppa, it’s easy to see that our babies will be friends too, it won’t be forced on them like we didn’t force ourselves on eachother, it was just a beautiful bond that i’ll cherish forever. So thanks for being there girls x



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