Muslin Squares – My baby’s bestfriend

Muslin Squares
Muslin Squares

These boring pieces of non fancy woven cotton were originally bought for their real use ( my shoulder) while i was winding Olivia but I found myself snuggling it against her cheek while she fell asleep. After seeing the comfort on her face while breastfeeding her and then having to change to bottles, I felt she missed that touch so I put it against her cheek one day and she seemed to like it so i’ve continued to do it since and now she has become attached to it. 

I’ve witnessed other babies become so attached to other comfort blankets or teddy bears that once their toy became tattered, dirty or basically fit for the bin, their parents had no way of locating the same toy to replace the old one and they also had to be washed while their child was fast asleep. If their favourite comforter was lost or too old to use it caused many a sleepless night for those families until the child just came to terms with not having their original bestfriend. I even served one woman in work last year who bought 3 of the same comfort toy so she could replace each one when they needed a wash or to throw out.

We were probably lucky that we didn’t get a gift of a fancy comforter because we would have given it to her but now that we use muslin squares, they are sold everywhere, from Mothercare to Tesco and I know I don’t have to worry about replacing it for Olivia, I have plenty of clean ones on hand to change over and they are purse friendly too. So maybe we should think about multiples of the one item before our babies become too attached 🙂

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